Piazzo Poncho

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Feb 182013
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Link Piazzo Dog Park, Reno, NV

Yesterday was a relatively warm, sunny day here in the Washoe Valley. So, before his first corn treatment, we took Poncho out for some off-leash exercise. The Link Piazzo Dog Park in the Hidden Valley Regional Park Open Space remains our favorite place to take Poncho off-leash. The park is unusual to observe in the winter months because we are very used to the well-kept, green grass that now lays dormant and brown. The lackluster winter lawn also really accentuates the sparse grounds of the park’s interior wanting for the adequate shelters and mature trees that make the summertime park experience a bit trying at times.

Since we first took him to the park last year, he has really come out of his shell socially. Poncho still makes his solo excursions around the perimeter, but we now have the honor of being able to sit down on a bench to enjoy watching him run, romp, and play with the other dogs; as he did today — something he was unaccustomed to doing 12 months ago. It is a true pleasure to watch how happy he is on these adventures.

Greyhound Corn Treatment

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Feb 172013

Poncho’s Corn

Poncho Has a Corn

Poor Poncho has developed a corn on a digital pad of his left, hind foot. We first noticed something was awry when he began intermittently favoring his left leg. Initially, we believed he had again pulled a muscle, but soon realized that his intermittent hopping occurred only when walking on hard surfaces; a distinguishing behavioral symptom of corns. After some cursory investigation, we learned that corns are not uncommon in greyhounds. In fact, according to the Corn Resource Overview at Greyhound Welfare, Inc., “No other breed of dog is known to get them, except for lurchers, which are greyhound crosses.”

What are corns?

According to Care of the Racing and Retired Greyhound:

The term “corns” covers two different abnormalities with common clinical signs. On the bottom of the toe pads, they are either fibrous scar tissue following traumas such as cuts, punctures or lacerations…or they are papillomas (warts)…The latter is the most common reason for “corns” and is caused by a virus…The pressure and abrasion of walking prevents the papilloma from growing normally on the surface of the body. As a result, a corn develops and is pressed in the deeper layers of the pad forming a white, flat, circular painful area…(p. 246).

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Boston Red Sox Jersey

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Feb 112013

For Christmas 2011, the talented Mama J made this custom-fit, Boston Red Sox Jersey for Dutch Poncho. With encouragement, we suspect she might coaxed into producing such items, ala Etsy, as easily as Poncho was coaxed into his new garment.

Ears I & II: A Greyhound Study

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Jan 042013

One of our favorite things about Poncho are his ears.. they go half up, and then fold over, when he is at attention, or he will stick one up, and one down, or they will stick straight out sideways.  The Dude never really utters a peep, and we only hear him emit dolphin-level, high pitched noises when he wants our attention.  He has barked maybe 5 times in the two years we have had him.

Instead, he expresses himself through his ears.  Greyhound stylings.

These ears say: Bully Stick. I see it. What is taking you so dang long in getting it out of the wrapper?

Anticipation.  Ears, #1


Ears, #2. A Back View.