Piazzo Poncho

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Feb 182013
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Link Piazzo Dog Park, Reno, NV

Yesterday was a relatively warm, sunny day here in the Washoe Valley. So, before his first corn treatment, we took Poncho out for some off-leash exercise. The Link Piazzo Dog Park in the Hidden Valley Regional Park Open Space remains our favorite place to take Poncho off-leash. The park is unusual to observe in the winter months because we are very used to the well-kept, green grass that now lays dormant and brown. The lackluster winter lawn also really accentuates the sparse grounds of the park’s interior wanting for the adequate shelters and mature trees that make the summertime park experience a bit trying at times.

Since we first took him to the park last year, he has really come out of his shell socially. Poncho still makes his solo excursions around the perimeter, but we now have the honor of being able to sit down on a bench to enjoy watching him run, romp, and play with the other dogs; as he did today — something he was unaccustomed to doing 12 months ago. It is a true pleasure to watch how happy he is on these adventures.