Dec 312012
Actually Playing

Welcome to Poncho’s 2012 Top 10 Countdown!

We only have 6 more hours of 2012, and Poncho, aka El Poncho or The Dude, is taking you back through the top moments in the life of a retired greyhound in 2012.  Join us, as we now bring you :

Number 5: Greyhounds in the Park! (is your dog a whippet?)

It seems like when we take Poncho out, a lot of people mistake greyhounds for whippets.   At 70 pounds, El Poncho is all greyhound.  I still get a kick, though, every time someone asks me “What kind of dog is that?”

In the spring and summer 2012, we started joining some other local greyhound families at the Hidden Valley Dog Park in Reno, on a weekly basis.  The hounds got the chance to hang out, and the other local dog families got quite a sight, seeing a whole group of greyhounds together. So fun.  So fun. So fun.

Poncho met his more lively friends, Zeus and Apollo (the fastest Greek Gods on the block) and the full of personality Abbi, at the park.  Later, we were joined by other local greyhound families.  Those were good times, early Sunday mornings, with coffee, in the sunshine, with the dogs.

That being said, El Poncho is known to take off, and case the perimeter, instead of immediately joining in the games. The Dude is kind of a loner, and has been that way since his foster days.  We are still working on it, but he still gives other dogs the “Huh?” look, when they attempt to play.  Here’s a good example:

Poncho doing what he does best, while Zeus, Apollo and Abbi show the other dogs how its done.

Of course, if someone is offering water, he is there in a flash:

Apollo, Zeus, Poncho, Abbi in the back, and a mysterious dog butt (having it made in the shade)

We did catch him playing once, and rejoiced!   He seems to be attracted to that floppy frisbee, instead of tennis balls, so 2013 will have us back at the park, a’coaxing the Dude to come out of his shell:



Thank you to the ever-so-talented Judi Haley Schopmann for capturing these photos.. especially of Poncho playing.  Another milestone achieved!  And, I still love seeing the muscles in his legs, although he is a year plus off the track.  The Dude is strong.

We are so thankful to have had these times at the park, with our new friends.

Here’s to a 2013 filled with sunshine and romps, for us all.