Jan 012013
Hi V and Clem

Happy New Year: Poncho’s 2012 Top Ten Countdown!

Happy 2013 everyone!   Thank you for following along as we count down Poncho’s Top 10 2012 moments.

2012 was a year of travel for Poncho, and he happily cruised in the car to Portland, Oregon, to Arcata, California and then back south again, to Southern California to visit the fam in Southern California.  Along the way, he met some awesome peeps, which brings us to:

Number Three : You Got a Friend in Me

A countdown, within a countdown… Number 1:Our trip to Portland in April 2012

On the road from Reno, to Oregon.  We stop for a quick bite to eat.

Once in Portland, the Tour begins, and Poncho journeys to the Columbia River Gorge. Note the wind, and Poncho hightailing it across the street.  Ian is in a swift run here:

How quickly can we get across the street? What is up with this wind?

Also in Portland is one of my oldest friends.  In a cool twist, she and her husband also had a greyhound (Zombie, RIP), and so I had to bring Poncho to her, stat.  Her daughter, Violet, is one cool kid – and made Poncho feel right at home:

V and Poncho. Chatting. With Comic book finishing effects, especially for V, the comic book kid.

We spent a lovely day with them, and even formed a line of baby stroller, kiddo, Poncho, assorted adults and a Chihuahua named Bo, and took ourselves to the park.   Poncho got a Christmas card from them, and wants to return this shout-out, to Violet and Clem:

Here’s a shout out to my ladies, in Portland O-R

Sub Countdown Number Two: A trip to Arcata, CA to visit old college friends:

We took a trip this fall to Arcata, CA.  There, Poncho met one of our favorite kiddos around, Baby (not so baby anymore) Hazel.  We also learned that the Hotel Arcata will let you stay there with your dog.  We will cover Poncho’s further adventures in Humboldt, later in this countdown!

Poncho wanted to give this shout-out to our girl, Hazel:

Amiga… hello!


 Subcountdown Number 3: Bishop, California – Triumphant Return – November 2012

Poncho knows Bishop, California very well.. in fact, this is a relay site used by Nevada Greyhounds Unlimited, where they do a greyhound transfer between volunteers from Southern California, to volunteers from Northern Nevada.  The Nevada greyhounds have all made this critical pit stop in Bishop!

We too, use Bishop as our pit stop on travels from Reno to Southern California for the holidays, and when we got married in San Diego.  All in all, Poncho has been to Bishop 5 to 6 times, and we always stay in close proximity to the awesome City of Bishop park on the main street, as well as the renowned Schat’s Bakkery.

In November 2012, we journeyed south for Thanksgiving, and were fortunate to catch up with two dear friends from Southern California, who were journeying to Tahoe for the holiday.  We made a date to meet up in the City of Bishop dog park, where their dog Willie would meet Poncho for the first time

While at the dog park, Schat’s coffees in hand, Poncho and Willie made a local friend, Bubbles.  Bubbles and his owner decided we should document the moment, and we posed for a surprise group photo:

Willie with his stylish human, Bubbles with local Bishop human, Poncho with his humans. Poncho and Willie checking out the situation.

Then we cruised our respective ways on the 395 – North and South.

Until we meet again, friends!  Happy New Year.. perhaps 2013 will bring more cruising the highway.